Who we are

The Onassis Cultural Centre is Athens’ new cultural space hosting events and actions across the whole spectrum of the arts from theatre, dance, music, cinema and the visual arts to the written word, with an emphasis on contemporary cultural expression, on supporting Greek artists, on cultivating international collaborations and on educating children and people of all ages through life-long learning.


What is Zoom backstage

Zoom Net developed out of really successful program called Zoom Backstage ( that we run at the OCC. Its aim is to provide an environment in which you can develop your skills as a cultural journalist, inspiring you to find out more about great theatre, dance, music and visual arts productions and giving you tools with which to create your own articles and multi-media reports that connect with the world as you see it.


How does it Work

In Zoom Net you will find project themes, along with background materials filling you in on the productions that you can write your reports on, assignments that will challenge you to think differently about contemporary culture, tutorials to get you on your way and tools to enable you to put your ideas into forms that can be shared with others. Your assignments will be read and commented on by our team of tutors, helping you to improve your skills as you go along. Sign in to the app, go to the project page, choose the one that fires your imagination and get started.